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Three undiscovered lands: The Ocean; Outer Space; My Mind

(I'm as puzzled by them all as anyone)

About Me

My background

My Memoirs, Sixteen Sixteen Main, is forthcoming. I had brothers that were creative, often coming up with jokes or creative and inventive stories on the spot. I had one brother build a 'helicopter' from inner tubes and spare wood. Full of spontaneous moments, horrific abuses, violence and poverty caused by the mishandling of our welfare checks by our schizophrenic mother, my childhood an interesting roller coaster ride. I have a story to tell. 

My writing roots

I have always wanted to write. When I was about 9 years old, I found a label maker. The old gun style that you put ribbon through, and squeeze to imprint the tape with letters. I just KNEW that if I had enough tape, I could use it as a typewriter by imprinting each line and then taping it to paper. Of course, I would have forearms strong enough to beat any arm wrestling challenger, but I might have gotten a paragraph written.

My projects

Slowed down by working to pay bills, student loans and health insurance, I've struggled finding time to write. But I've always found time to write notes (some on restaurant napkins and most on sticky notes) and I've drafted outlines for most of stories. I have a fertile imagination, making extensive notes for screenplays, stage plays, one epic tale, short stories and even a coffee shop business I'd love to start. I plan to read some of my work on podcast and link it to my site to make it more 'alive'. 

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